Workers Compensation

When you have suffered an injury or an illness that is related to your job, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Every state determines the level of coverage an employer must provide for their employees. In addition, there are federal laws that govern safety in the workplace. However, this does not stop thousands of employees annually from developing a work-related illness or suffering an injury on the job.

What happens when you apply for benefits you are entitled to and are denied? You have a choice; you can file an appeal on your own, or you can contact an attorney who has a lot of experience handling worker’s compensation appeals. This is usually a better option because insurance companies are far more reluctant to continue to deny a legitimate claim when an attorney is involved. This is because they are concerned about paying out more than they would have to; after all, the idea is the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible.

We do not let insurance companies take advantage of our clients. We make sure you are represented aggressively, and that your rights are preserved throughout the process. We make sure the insurance company does the right thing; they are required by law to pay your medical bills, as well as pay you a portion of your wages until you are physically capable of returning to work. Contact The Montgomery Law Firm, LLC immediately if you have been injured at work; we represent clients nationwide who need to file a workers compensation claim or an appeal after a denial.