Talcum Powder Injuries

If you have used talcum powder over a long period of time and now have learned you have ovarian cancer, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. There have been many cases reported nationwide; and studies now confirm there is a link between regular use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Some women have used these products for years, only to find out now they are suffering an adverse condition thanks to their reliance on manufacturer assurances the powder was safe.

Women who have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. There have been a rash of lawsuits recently filed by women who have used baby powder, Shower to Shower, and other types of talcum powder over the years. One of the issues called to our attention is there are numerous cosmetic products which also contain talcum powder.

Families nationwide who have recently been informed they have a loved one diagnosed with ovarian cancer can fight back. Whether you have been diagnosed, or you have recently lost a loved one to ovarian cancer, and you have reason to believe the diagnosis is tied to the use of talcum powder, contact The Montgomery Law Firm, LLC. We may be able to help you recover financially for the damage that has been done to you by a product that appeared to be relatively safe.