Mass Tort Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Injuries

Class action lawsuits are often filed by groups of people who suffer an illness or injury because of the same prescription, or medical device. When a manufacturer of a medical device has insufficient quality control procedures in place, and numerous patients suffer as a result of that defect, they are subject to mass torts. Families of patients who suffered complications after a hip transplant, vaginal mesh surgery, or after the insertion of a pain pump.

Unfortunately, medical devices are not the only problem patients face; in some cases, drug companies have not fully disclosed the potential side effects of drugs. Certain drugs like Fen-Phen, Paxil, Vioxx, and others have caused life-threatening side effects, and even death in some patients. Families often do not know where to turn when their loved one falls victim to a medical device, or prescription drug that was intended to save their life. We can help; we have worked with hundreds of clients nationwide who have suffered ill effects due to the lack of information available to them about potential side effects.

Whether you have suffered an injury or illness, or your loved one has become incapacitated or lost their life due to a manufacturing problem associated with a medical device or drug, contact The Montgomery Law Firm, LLC immediately for help. We help victims nationwide hold manufacturers of defective medical devices and drugs accountable.