Criminal Defense

If you have been told you are facing a criminal charge, you must take it very seriously. Even a minor charge can have a negative impact on your employment, and your future. You cannot afford to take risks with an attorney who does not have experience defending people against criminal charges in court.

We have helped people with criminal charges including DUI/DWI, assault, and other traffic violations. We understand how important it is to mount a strong defense against any charges to ensure you do not have a criminal record. Our goal is always the same; to minimize the impact of criminal charges. We know that a DUI can impact your driving rights, and that a conviction could mean higher insurance rates, and points against your license. We understand how serious this is, and will do everything possible to fight the charges.

Criminal charges are a problem; not just for you, but for your family. You could also face a loss of your reputation in the community if the charges are not addressed immediately. Regardless of where you live, we can help; contact The Montgomery Law Firm, LLC if you are facing criminal charges, we will do everything possible to defend you against the charge, and clear your name.